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The Law Offices of Robert Feldman, P.A. is dedicated to serving the legal needs of clients with personalized, professional service.  With  more than 30 years of experience, Mr. Feldman offers a broad range of  legal services, from residential real estate  law transactions, landlord/tenant, as well as wills, probate, family law and  litigation matters.  Mr. Feldman believes in attending to the individual needs of his clients by offering superior service and prompt attention to clients’ legal matters.  


Areas of Practice

Mr. Feldman handles residential real estate law transactions and closings of  all types of residences, including single-family, condominium and  townhouses. Residential landlord/tenant matters, eviction and  ejectment, representing both plaintiffs and defendants. Title Insurance  and Examination, including residential and commercial owners’ and  mortgagee policies and property research. Probate, including drafting of  wills and administering estates throughout Florida.  Services include  claims administration, disposing of creditor claims, distributing assets  and resolving beneficiary disputes. Civil litigation, including  personal injury matters and breach of contract disputes. 


Areas of Practice

Family Law including consultation and representation for uncontested  divorces, modifications and child support, preparation of all pleadings,  property settlement agreements up to and including attendance at final  hearings for uncontested matters. Prenuptial and post-nuptial  agreements.  

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